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Monday, March 24, 2008

Condo Buyers Please Remember
When you buy a Condo , you own a piece of the big pie .
This means that if the roof goes or there is a major problem , be it plumbing , elevator, structural etc.

Special assesments will get paid by you whether or not you can afford them.

Ask your Inspector to look at more than between the walls.
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chicago Home Inspection (exterior water penetration)

Chicago Home Inspector (101)
When I arrive at a job for Chicago area Home or condo inspection one of the first things I look at is the exterior wall covering and any penetrations from outside
The reason for this is that if not sealed water can and will gain entry to the property.
If the exterior wall covering is Brick there will be deterioration,and if it is say vinyl siding then the water will begin to rot the wood causing mold .
Look around the outside perimeter of your property and notice how utility services gain entry to the inside.
Are they sealed , or do they have openings.
A thin coat of morter may not do the job as it will crumble so look for a silicone or urethane based product to give flexability and seal.
Here are a few small examples.

dryervent.JPGNotice the gap between the brick wall and the vent plate
Water will enter into the brick and travel on the sheetmetal right into your property.
This is also a point where outside air will enter and cost you more on your energy bill.

cableentry.JPG Cables are a little different.
notice how when entering the exterior wall covering the cable here actualy provides a raceway for water straight into the property.Notice the lack of a sealant also.

cableentryright.JPG This cable enters the structure properly.
Notice how the cable loops under then comes back up so that water will actualy drip away from the wall.
Also notice how there is a silicone sealant behind the bushing.
The bushing is the black cap which is often used to help assist the silicone stay put.
Even though most silicones are rated to last up to fifty years they can still detach from the surface.
So please make an occasional check around the outside perimeter of your home part of your routine.It is definatly part of mine When performing a Home inspection or condo inspection anywhere in the chicago area.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Condo High Rise Owners Catch a Break

G ood News For High Rise Condo Owners

With all of the bad news that came out of the Real Estate market , it is nice to report on the good when it happens

It may be recalled that much has been made over recent years regarding pieces of Terra cotta and other exterior wall cladding raining down on unsuspecting pedestrians in the down town areas of Chicago

The city council responded to protect the public by in acting laws requiring extensive inspection to be paid for out of association building funds.

Unfortunatlly the expense of obeying these laws proved to be far to burdonsome for many unit owners when their assesments skyrocketed.

The city council aggreed and has rolled back some of the requirements starting in 2008 these are some of the changes.

Keep in mind that a high rise is defined as 80 feet or more .

1)  Inspection coverage is reduced to 25 percent from the previous 50 percent (I.B.C recommendation)

2)  Invasive inspection has been reduced to one for each facade rather than the previously required two.

3)  Inspection can be done with individual chairs (boatswains ) rather than scaffolding.

4)..Inspection reports will need to be done once every six years rather than the previous every two years.

Wed, January 9, 2008 | link

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lack of code inspectors for chicago area

WLS channel 7 did a great story on the 10;00 news last night regarding the lack of proper inspection on new construction here in Chicago and the surrounding area.
If you ever used my services you already know that between the physical Home or Condo inspection and the property inspection report that is pretty much a full day for me.
Thanks to the shortage however these Guy's (and gal's) are running around reporting on up to 15 properties a day.It just goe's to show why only a fool would not hire there own Home inspector .
I find more wrong in new construction than in old.
Some of these places I find the porches ready to collapse , which is crazy after the death's which occured a few years back over on wrightwood ave in lincoln park.
Here is a link to the video from last night s news;

Thu, November 15, 2007 | link

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ejector pumps
The other day I had my ejector pump in the basement go out.
Unfortunatly I found this out while taking a relaxing morning shower as the water begain overflooing on to the floor from the shower stall.
I you do not know what an ejector pump is , it is what you need if you have any bathroom facilities in your basement in order to counteract gravity.
It brings the waste up high enough so that it can make it's way out of the house and flow into the public sewer system.There is a grinder built into the bottom to help liquefy the waste from the toilet.
Here are a couple pics to help you understand how they work.



Thu, November 8, 2007 | link

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