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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lack of code inspectors for chicago area

WLS channel 7 did a great story on the 10;00 news last night regarding the lack of proper inspection on new construction here in Chicago and the surrounding area.
If you ever used my services you already know that between the physical Home or Condo inspection and the property inspection report that is pretty much a full day for me.
Thanks to the shortage however these Guy's (and gal's) are running around reporting on up to 15 properties a day.It just goe's to show why only a fool would not hire there own Home inspector .
I find more wrong in new construction than in old.
Some of these places I find the porches ready to collapse , which is crazy after the death's which occured a few years back over on wrightwood ave in lincoln park.
Here is a link to the video from last night s news;

Thu, November 15, 2007 | link

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ejector pumps
The other day I had my ejector pump in the basement go out.
Unfortunatly I found this out while taking a relaxing morning shower as the water begain overflooing on to the floor from the shower stall.
I you do not know what an ejector pump is , it is what you need if you have any bathroom facilities in your basement in order to counteract gravity.
It brings the waste up high enough so that it can make it's way out of the house and flow into the public sewer system.There is a grinder built into the bottom to help liquefy the waste from the toilet.
Here are a couple pics to help you understand how they work.



Thu, November 8, 2007 | link

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