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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Condo High Rise Owners Catch a Break

G ood News For High Rise Condo Owners

With all of the bad news that came out of the Real Estate market , it is nice to report on the good when it happens

It may be recalled that much has been made over recent years regarding pieces of Terra cotta and other exterior wall cladding raining down on unsuspecting pedestrians in the down town areas of Chicago

The city council responded to protect the public by in acting laws requiring extensive inspection to be paid for out of association building funds.

Unfortunatlly the expense of obeying these laws proved to be far to burdonsome for many unit owners when their assesments skyrocketed.

The city council aggreed and has rolled back some of the requirements starting in 2008 these are some of the changes.

Keep in mind that a high rise is defined as 80 feet or more .

1)  Inspection coverage is reduced to 25 percent from the previous 50 percent (I.B.C recommendation)

2)  Invasive inspection has been reduced to one for each facade rather than the previously required two.

3)  Inspection can be done with individual chairs (boatswains ) rather than scaffolding.

4)..Inspection reports will need to be done once every six years rather than the previous every two years.

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